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making news. >> we learned that hofs tess is going out of business. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with what is leading to the end of this 82-year-old company. >> reporter: truly the end of an era. hostess says they are winding down operations and they have filed a motion seeking permission to close its business and sell its assets. those assets include iconic brands and also the facilities. dingdong and twinkies. hostess rejected the employee contract. they say it crippled their ability to produce products from facility. bakery operations have been suspended but delivery will continue and retail stores will remain open for several days but
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that is just in order to sell the already baked products. >> kristen: we do believe it involves one of the bakeries in the east bay, as well. new this morning, oakland police say a dangerous shooting suspect is finally off the streets and under arrest after a chance encountered led police to trap him at a popular san francisco restaurant. terry mcsweeney is live at the steakhouse on van ness avenue. terry? >> reporter: this is where the off duty oakland police officer wanted to have steak and potatoes. instead what he got was he looked up and he saw a homicide suspect. take a look at the scene about 10:00. the officer was here having a
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birthday dinner with his wife. he saw ronnie fennel and he notified pd. they set up an operation where he could be arrested safely. after everybody had eaten he walked out in the waiting arms of police officers. this was a birthday dinner the officer was having with his wife. interestingly, oakland police last night were in las vegas trying to find this guy. >> as of late his wife was shooting victim in a retaliatory shooting while she was shot eight times while picking up her kids. we hope this will put an end to the ongoing violence between his crew and group. >> reporter: oakland police say that for now it's suspected in the homicide but a number of other shootings as well as a home invasion and off duty
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oakland police officer who came out to celebrate a birthday this morning in celebrating possibly the most important arrest of his career. >> kristen: thank you so much. 4:33. you can see rain is coming down but driving in, i did encountered light rain. >> eric: few sprinkles coming in but more is in store than a few sprinkles. >> light appetizer. here is a look at radar returns. it's mainly blue, kind of drizzle and light rain and mainly drizzle from american canyon along 37 up to sonoma and main street up to rohnert park and we have radar return between pittsburg and concord on marsh creek road as you head toward the eastern sections of contra costa and alameda counties. here is the rest of it. that is what is coming our way for the rest of the morning commute. sooner you can get out there more likely it will be dry.
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we have snow mixing in the sierra, high snow with the elevation around 7,000 feet. temperatures cooler today but just expect waves of rain, 60-63 at the coast. 56 around the bay and 61-65 inland. wet weather is going to stay here through sunday morning. >> no chain requirements for the sierra. snow level is high. we'll be following that this morning. you can see the golden gate bridge. i came down from san rafael where it was dry around 3:30 this morning. we started getting light sprinkles across the golden gate bridge. you can see the slick roads and we saw chp officers slowly heading into the northbound direction to put pick up the road work at north end. leverage road closed until 5:30 because of road work. there is detour in place. other road work at alameda. on-ramp of 880 is closed.
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dumbarton bridge, left lane closed until 5:00 for road work as well. >> eric: the prospect of rain has public work crews in daly city racing to shore up a damaged hillside and prevent a mudslide that buried a street and cars on it last week. amy hollyfield is live in daly city with an update for us. >> reporter: city officials have asked the people who live here to keep an eye on the situation throughout the rainy weekend. within minutes they suspect any problems. crews prepared the area trying to make it rain proof. the park is now surrounded by hay bales and nettingering the area and uncovered a storm driaw in the middle of the park. >> basically we're trying to let the water that would fall go into the curb and gutter.
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that is not to suggest we're going to have muddy water but we won't have what took place on tuesday morning. >> reporter: here are the pictures of what they are trying to keep from happening on tuesday. a pipe broke causing 45,000 gallons of water to spew into this daly city neighborhood. it was a gross mess. residents don't want to see the rain shake a lot looking any of mud. city officials feel confident the measures they put in place will hold and hillside will not cause any more problems. >> eric: stay with "abc 7 news" for continuing coverage of today's storm. check back with meteorologist mike nicco and live doppler 7 hd for a look at where the rain is headed. you you can follow the storm on our website at >> kristen: new this morning a big police presence in the
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richmond district shut down two separate intersections. they surrounded a van where a man and woman were sleeping illegally. they caught up to them between 42nd and 4 3rd. he resisted arrest and had a medical problem. he was rushed to the hospital. no other details released. >> eric: on capitol hill, david petraeus is preparing to field questions from congress about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. his appearance before senate and house intelligence committees comes a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair. he is not expected to talk about that scandal. they will ask him about what the agency knew about the september 11th terror attack in benghazi which killed the u.s. ambassador. >> president obama meets with top republicans and democrats in congress to talk about the looming fiscal cliff. congressional leaders will go to
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the white house to talk about averting automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts that will take effect in january. president will also meet with leaders of civil rights groups and other organizations to get their input. >> he spoke this week with labor leaders and corporate ceos who have backed the call for a greater tax revenue. >> eric: jim harbaugh but a is expected to be back at work after being treated for an irregular heartbeat. he visited the 49er facility late afternoon before doctors sent him home. he is expected back at practice in santa clara. news of his conditions caught players by surprise but as linebacker patrick willis says harbaugh is tougher an two dollar steak. >> kristen: three major airports are bracing for big crowds. san francisco expects 140,000
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passengers to arrive or depart today. more people are expected to travel because of the improving economy. sfo says it expects to is see a 3% increase in passengers compared to last year. >> eric: with the weather moving in, we should be prepared for delays at sfo today. >> kristen: probably and for those driving to work, let's see the time line. >> good question. here is a look at the radar and we have it zoomed on sonoma county, san rafael, magnolia avenue all the way down to mill valley, best radar returns. if you are coming across the richmond-san rafael bridge you will run into wet weather. it goes to san pablo bay over to vallejo. springs road, that is an area along with 80 that is getting lighter rain right now. wall of water is down to the south. it will head towards the peninsula coast and then rotate up towards the northeast across the bay and over to the east bay.
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it's going to get here in about 45 minutes to an hour. solid rain for the morning commute. out ahead of that we'll have scattered light showers for the next hour or so. you can see how light there they are. visibility is doing well. we have a little bit of fog with the moisture in the air. 44 in fairfield. livermore, 48. napa, 49. everybody else in the mid-50s to few upper 50s. very mild this morning. that will be the case from the storm coming in from the south and west and we'll have a chance of rain. temperatures in the 40s and 50s now. 50s and 60s as we head through the afternoon hours. more rain tomorrow. morning showers sunday but sunday afternoon until monday looks to be dry. good morning. happy friday everyone. so far, so good on the roadways. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here. it doesn't look like there is any moisture on the ground at bay bridge yet.
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so far, so good across the span. san mateo bridge, roads are dry here for the time being. you can see heading over to the foster city in the westbound direction. eastbound, no problems headed over to the hayward area. if your drive takes you over tracy that is looking real good. over the altamont, still less than 15 minutes. we check in with bart, muni and caltrain, everybody getting off to a fresh and good start this morning. no delays. >> eric: outrage and anger in the south bay how a convicted pedophile was allowed to be around dozens of children. >> kristen: northern california student dies after binge drinking after a fraternity
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here is a look at golden
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gate bridge. it looks a little wet. drizzle this morning. live doppler 7-hd. most of us dealing with a little drizzle. light rain over to contra costa county and some of the elevations there. you can see the wall of water off the coast. it's going to be wet the next 48-72 hours. >> kristen: this morning, more disturbing questions are being raised how a convicted pedophile was allowed to volunteer for school festivals filled with children. a parent recognized him and complained to a sheriff's deputy who was at festival. when he wag was confronted he produced a letter from the diocese. they couldn't believe he was near children. >> you are a sex offender. you are sex offender for life.
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you do not have a right to be on a school grounds. you can go church. he go to bingo but he is not allowed to be on this school. >> the archdiocese of san jose says the letter was issued two years ago and how was justified. they say the letter is not consistent with its policies. >> eric: chico university has suspended all of its fraternities and so rights. they are band from holding any functions. a student died last week after drinking too much at a party at a fraternity. about 200 of 16,000 students belong to the organizations. >> kristen: it's 4:46. an east bay family still mourning the loss of their newborn suffers a double tragedy. next the one item they want a
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burglar to return. more on the story you'll see only on "abc 7 news". >> eric: first a look at this morning tech bytes. >> laying odds on the small tablets. they are predicting the kendall will out sell ipad. the tablets are $130 cheaper than apple. a amazon is shipping the largest version of the kendall fire hd but now the company is short of the 8.9 inch tablet. >> a shortage is also expected with wii console when it goes on same this sunday. they say it will fly off the shelves. new iphone app, cute girl watching. a cute girl watches you from your phone all the time. she giggles and utters prerecorded phrases in japanese
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welcome back. 4:49. check out the wet weather, very active across the state. most of it is rain and most of it is going to remain rain until you get up to 7,000 feet in tahoe. winter weather advisory starts today. it will drop down to 6,000 feet on sunday. snow at the highest levels but look at all the wet weather, 59 in eureka and upper 60s for fresno and san diego. >> eric: just about 4:50. an antioch mother is making a plea to the thieves that burglarized her home and took the urn that held her baby's
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ashes. this is what the urn looked like. it contains the remains of the infant son who died earlier this year. the home was ransacked wednesday night. thieves took electronics and jewelry and kids' christmas gifts. she desperately wants the urn. >> i leave my house and my children by coming in here but i need that. whether you know you have it yet or not, please return the urn. >> eric: antioch police will take information by phone anonymously. we posted the number on our website at >> kristen: a judge has approved the sale of the former headquarters of solyndra. they approved the sale to sea gate technology which will use it to replace current facility in fremont. they are appealing the ruling.
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the purchasing rise is 70% the $300 million construction cost of the facility. last year they shut down headquarters and filed for bankruptcy. company had received a half billion dollar loan from the obama administration to build the factory. >> eric: buster posey's amazing year has been capped off as the best player award. posey hit a .336 with 24 homers. he is the first catcher the win the mvp award and since barry bonds in 2004. he joins pretty good names as players to win rookie of the year and mvp award at pitchers. willie mays and willie mccovey. that is pretty good company to
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be in. >> i should have named i my kids willie. >> buster. >> that would be nice. buster nicco. [ laughter ] >> we know he is. maybe not is the best day did a to play catch. >> we a tournament and it doesn't look good for a lot of outdoor activities. good morning. right now it looks okay. get out there and be an early riser and get to work and impress the boss. you won't have to drive in the rain. sutro back towards the east bay hills this morning. let's take a look what is going on as far as live doppler 7 hd. we have doppler radar and they are checking out the wall of water that is about 45 minutes away from the peninsula possibly
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even an hour. you put it into motion. you see it's heading mainly up to the north and east. it's not coming from north to south. 49 in napa. 47 in concord. those are the cool spots. heading down to monterey bay, mid-50s. 53 in gilroy. pretty mild when you step outside today. periods of rain through the weekend. high elevations snow in the sierra. traveling won't be nearly as bad as it could be in the weekend and chance of rain into next week. here is what is happening, area of high pressure he, this low and trough that isn't as strong as a cold front but enough lift with the warm moist air to create the periods of rain we will have today. it is moving in right now. it's going to continue to move
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from southwest to northeast throughout the morning hours into the afternoon hours, evening hours will still be damp. rain will be steadier overnight through saturday and we could have a few claps of thunder. here the second storm going to put rain and showers into sunday morning's forecast and then by sunday afternoon we'll start to see a break in the rain. rainfall amounts, half an inch to inch around the bay. up to three inches in the mountains. seven-day forecast, rain next week mainly up in the north bay once again. looks like it will be good for tuesday and wednesday but it should be dry on thanksgiving. >> first look at macarthur maze from 880 here, 580 and 80 headed toward the toll plaza. no delays headed into san francisco on the toll plaza. metering lights remain off.
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good flow of traffic in the south bay. just a few cars head into the northbound direction. eastbound 4 at levy ridge remains closed. not a bad ride out of antioch. dumbarton road both directions will be picked up in five minutes. if you are traveling up and over the altamont pass. it looks pretty good. highway 101 to golden gate bridge about 25 minutes. >> federal officials are in texas this morning, investigating a deadly collision between a freight train and a pa float carrying wounded veterans. four people died and 17 people were hurt. it was going to take part in a parade when it was hit by the train. the train's cab have a video of the incident.
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it looks like gates were working. many people judged off the float just before the impact. >> fed ex and ups says they are targets of federal criminal investigation dealing with online pharmacies. the disclosures were made over the last several weeks. online pharmacies have been at the center of international crackdown. they convicted three men yesterday of operating illegal online pharmacies that use fed ex and ups without a proper prescription. >> a man uses the wrong restaurant to dine in that is wanted by police. how an alert police officer took him down in the middle of the meal. >> less than one week to go until thanksgiving and how you can help food pantries. >> one of makers of favorite snack foods is going out of business, hostess, we'll have
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the latest
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good morning, here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. best radar returns in the north bay, sonoma, napa, american canyon, vallejo we have a wall of water that is down over the ocean that is heading our way. >> good morning, sue hall in the traffic center. damp friday morning, we've got moisture on the golden gate bridge but very light traffic. the rain

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